Buying Quality Firewood

As we get into the cooler nights of fall and head into winter, there is nothing better then starting a perfect fire in the living room or out on your deck in the fire pit. The scent of the open fire reminds me of being in the woods of Maine. I am sure many of you have similar memories.

Cheap Firewood

I have noticed over the last few weeks many advertisements of “cheap” wood for sale. I want to educate our customer of the differences of our firewood and what you see being sold. You need to know there is a big difference.


There will always be an abundance of cheap wood available because of homeowners having trees taken down or by severe storms such as hurricanes ect. Storms knock down many trees in neighborhoods all over Long Island. After the recent hurricanes, many homeowners are now taking precautions so a large oak or maple doesn’t end up in their living rooms. They are having professional tree service companies come and either cut down large trees on their property or do a heavy pruning to thin out an overgrown tree. What do they do with all this freshly cut wood? They sell it cheap.

This wood is considered “green”, which means it still has a lot of moisture content within the logs because it was recently still a growing, living thing. Green wood is very difficult to burn and if you are lucky and persistent enough to get a fire going with it, prepare yourself for a very smoky evening.

Also, with cheaper firewood, many logs are considered soft wood. Soft wood comes from trees like firs or pines. Soft wood does not burn as long or as hot. Sometimes, this wood is not stored properly either.  When wood sits for prolonged periods of time out in the weather and thru the seasons, it usually becomes home to many pests such as ants and even worse, termites. You certainly don’t want to bring these pesky critters into your house.

Good Firewood

So what is considered good wood? Good firewood comes from “hard wood” trees like Oak, Maple, or Ash. Hard wood burns the longest and gives off the best heat.  Good firewood should be seasoned. Firewood needs to sit between 18-24 months before it can be considered seasoned.

Firewood BundledKindle firewood

We at Dees have the hardest most seasoned wood around. Not only is it seasoned, it is also kiln dried to kill the insects and dry it out even more. We want to give you the best quality wood that has the least amount of moisture content and more importantly, no bugs that can get in your home.

Another advantage to our firewood is each piece is a consistent size of 18 inches. This allows for a neat clean stack job plus it is much easier for people to handle. We have many size quantities to buy, from the small bundle up to the large box. If you have a chimnea or wood stove we have even smaller pieces of 14-16 inch size.

Local delivery and stacking is always available for a nominal fee. We also recommend that if you store your wood outside, keep it off the ground if possible and cover it with a tarp. If you plan on using your fireplace often, keep a 2-3 day supply inside at all times.

dura flame
So next time you decide to buy wood don’t always go just by price. Consider the facts I have just explained and you will enjoy your evening by the fire much more.

Have fun and be safe!

From the Garden Center,
Joe Dee
The Dees’ Nursery & Florist
Oceanside NY 11572

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