Who we are

All year at Berner Farms we retail high quality annuals and perennials at our mini market and several hundred different types of vegetables, evergreens, fruit trees and shrubs at our nursery. For every season of the year, we are a one stop shop, family run business. We also offer landscape services which include design, planting and supplying you with the right supplies to maintain your new landscape. From mulches and soils, to chemicals and fertilizers we can help you stock up on the right products for keeping your landscape beautiful and healthy. Please call, email or stop by with any questions you might have and bring the family to see our petting zoo!


In 1887 the Berner family immigrated to the United States from Germany. This period in time was the advent of electrically lit homes in the US. Four years after arriving to the United Stated William Berner attended the Pan-American Exposition. This world fair was a city covered in light bulbs and powered 25 miles away at Niagara Falls. It was there, in 1901 that William Berner purchased land for his first green house operation in Elma, New York.
William instilled the farm in his children who kept the tradition going when his daughters started “Radder and Berner Florist” and his Son started “Sunny Valley Farms”, Sunny Valley Farm specialized in field grown flowers and vegetable crops. William Jr. ran the farm with his wife and raised six children. The youngest son, Leon, became attached to the farm and would be the only one of William’s six children to continue their families farming traditions.
Leon took the farm to new levels when he started raising large acre of field crops, however, in the 1980’s Leon returned to his roots. He returned to the the greenhouse industry and established “Berner Farms” where he would focus on bedding plants and vegetable crops. Leon’s only son Travis became interested in the business and started working at Berner Farms as soon as he could walk. Like his father and his Great Great grandfather, William Berner, Travis plans to continue his family‚Äôs traditions and grow Berner Farms with the technological advances of today.